The right home audio technology can improve and enhance your home cinema viewing experience.

At Perfection CI, our professional team of engineers have the experience needed to recommend only the best in surround sound audio systems for the best prices.

We’re a recognised reseller of Bose home cinema equipment, allowing us to find you the best deals to for audio and video equipment.

We use only the highest quality audio and video equipment, we are the authorised reseller for Steinway & Sons and M&K Speakers. The same as the ones used at Lucas Arts Film Entertainment Company’s Skywalker Ranch.

Steinway & Sons are the world’s finest audio systems. From the smallest electronic component to the grandest speaker, every product in the line is pure perfection. With a system from Steinway & Sons you will experience the extraordinary.

M&K Sound is the choice of professionals, they deliver the highest fidelity with their range of quality home cinema speakers and loudspeakers.

Your new home audio system will be seamlessly integrated into your home’s fittings, with a choice of wall mounted or in-ceiling speakers. You will then be able to store and manage your play lists from a single and central location through a control panel.

You can additionally have your audio system combined with a 4K Ultra HD TV to bring you a higher quality viewing experience, convenient access and easy control of your video libraries from the touch of a button.

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