Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-room audio really does offer an incomparable listening experience. It will redefine the way you appreciate and hear your audio. We can incorporate multi-room audio for your home cinema installation with us, so you can truly appreciate and the audio in fantastic surround sound simultaneously across different rooms in your home. So, if you are watching TV in your living room and your kids are watching a film in their bedrooms, multi-room audio can offer the same incomparable listening quality in every room of your house.

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Enjoy Outstanding Audio Quality In Every Room

Multi-room audio gives you the opportunity to experience the same high-quality surround audio output across multiple rooms in your home. You could be watching a TV series in your living room, while your children are watching a film in another room. This can also be used as part of your gaming room installation, so the entire family is completely covered with outstanding audio quality.

Installing market leading home automation systems, means that you can control your multi-room audio with the push of a button. Choose the volume intensity in each room with your smart device, giving you full control. Plus, enjoy your music anywhere in your home including your kitchen or bathroom.

What Our Multi-Room Audio Installations Include:

What Are The Benefits Of Multi-Room Audio?

Full Control

You will be able to have full control over every room in your home with your smart device. Choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.

Completely personalised to you

Choose to have your system wherever you want in your home. If you want it just for your living room and bedrooms, this is possible. If you want this audio throughout your entire home, this is also possible. The options are endless and you can completely personalise your audio experiences.

Fantastic entertainment feature

Enjoy your music, entertainment anywhere in your home.

Complete convenience

With a centralised device, audio has never been more convenient.

Easy installation for any room

Multi-room audio can be easily set-up in any room.

Enjoy music anywhere in your home

If you want to listen in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, even your garden, this can be achieved.

Outstanding quality and surround sound

With our systems, you will experience fantastic audio quality.

Choose Our Multi-Room Audio Systems

The benefits of a multi-room audio system are endless, get in touch today to discuss your installation with us.

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