Top 3 Home Security Systems For 2024

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Installing effective home security systems is a superb way to secure your home. Whether you’re inside your house, or away on holiday, they can help to make you feel safer. What’s more, with a range of different security measures and brands available, protecting your home doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Read our guide to find out top home security systems for 2024.

1. Camera Doorbells

Camera doorbells are contemporary and highly innovative home security systems. What makes these devices so comforting and useful is that they feature a built-in camera. As a result, anyone who tries to enter your home through the front door – the method used in the majority of break-ins – will be digitally captured. A two-way speaking system is also included with camera doorbells. This enables you to converse with anyone who knocks on your door and helps create the impression that you are home. Even better, you can see who is outside in real time thanks to the live-stream video. 

Camera doorbells are typically powered by batteries, but can also be wired into your current doorbell. If you decide to upgrade your current doorbell, one with an HD camera will capture better quality footage.


Another effective home security system is CCTV cameras. When you think of CCTV, you may envision an obvious piece of equipment that records in poor, grainy quality. But, as technology advances, many CCTV systems now include reliable high-quality cameras. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colours, allowing you to select the most discrete option for your home. 

Further advantages of CCTV is that it can be installed both inside and outside of your home. As you can place the cameras almost anywhere, you are guaranteed to have additional peace of mind, and any footage the camera records can be viewed at a later date. Also, depending on the CCTV you install, you may be able to view your property on a live-stream.

3. Wireless alarms

Wireless alarms are highly effective home security systems which help protect your property from burglary. Should an intruder gain entry to your home, these devices will sound a deafening, incessant ringing. This will not only alert your neighbours of the problem, but should also scare the perpetrator away. Some wireless alarms can even send a text alert to your mobile and the emergency services in the event of a break in. 

Always consult a reputable expert before buying wireless alarms or other home security systems. You will learn the most effective method of home security in this manner and have the best chance of securing your property.

Reliable Home security Systems With Perfection CI

Installing an effective home security system is an excellent way to make you feel safer both in and outside of your home. Not only are they useful for deterring crime, they can also be used to monitor elderly relatives or safeguard neighbours. Contact Perfection CI today to find out more about our range of domestic home security measures.


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