What Are The Benefits Of Grandview ALR Screens?

Benefits of Grandview ALR Screens

If you’re considering at home cinema installation, Grandview ALR screens make for a superb viewing experience. For those who aren’t aware, ALR stands for Ambient Light Rejection. In this blog, we discuss just a few benefits of this innovative display.

Enhanced Colour & Clarity

When it comes to watching a film or TV, image quality is of the utmost importance. This is because a blurry, desaturated or undefined picture can significantly detract from the viewing experience. However, one of the greatest benefits of Grandview ALR displays is their superb image quality. In addition, they also boast enhanced saturation and clarity, meaning the on-screen colours will be vivid and lifelike. So, whether you’re viewing a Disney classic or the latest thriller, Grandview ALR screens allow you to fully immerse yourself in your favourite flicks.

Grandview ALR Screens Are Easy To Install

Another great benefit of Grandview displays is how easy they are to install. The team at Perfection CI will fit your new screen in a timely and efficient manner, meaning you can enjoy it all the sooner. Get your popcorn ready!

Wide Viewing Angle

With Grandview ALR screens, you’re always guaranteed the best seat in the house. This is because the wide viewing angle grants a clear image from multiple aspects. Thanks to the wide angle, you can enjoy family movie nights, or having friends over to watch sporting events without worrying too much about seating.  What’s more, the wide angle is also great for presenting slideshows in office or work environments.

Grandview ALR Screens Work In Bright Spaces

If you have no other choice but to install your home cinema screen in an area which receives a lot of sunlight, don’t worry! You will still be able to enjoy your favourite programme, series or film on a Grandview ALR screen. This is because Ambient Light Rejection technology works by absorbing light and reflecting it back to the audience. In turn, bright lights, such as sunlight, will not affect the clarity of your screen. Gone are the days of watching movies or gaming in a darkened room!

For Grandview ALR Screens Installation, Contact Perfection CI

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